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Due to the CoVid-19 Pandemic, Ob/Gyn residency programs have been affected in unprecedented ways.  For  more than 100 years, lectures have been conducted in the same fashion: the teacher in the front of the room with learners gathered around. 


However, technology offers other ways to teach.  The Pandemic has forced residency programs to rethink this teaching process. It is for this purpose that EFA was born. 

EFA has 3 main purposes:
1.  Support residency didactics across residency programs through sharing of resources 
2.  Promote Faculty Development
3.  Promote networking between faculty and residents across residency programs
If you are a resident, fellow, or other trainee...

We invite you to visit the schedule page to learn about upcoming didactic sessions that you can join.

If you are a faculty member, program director, or program administrator...

We invite you to share this resource with your trainees, and to share your upcoming and recorded didactic sessions with us, so that OBGYN trainees from around the country may benefit from them.

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