Nominate that Educator for the EFA Educator Showcase

*Seeing Double? Some lecturers have multiple lectures up on EFA and are listed more than once. As long as you select one of their tiles, your nomination will count!

Kevin List, MD

Dr. Cara Pessel

Dr. Michael Nimaroff, Moderator and Resident Speakers

Caity Baptiste, MD

Leah Kaufman, MD FACOG

Mary Cunningham, MD

Lee-may Chen, MD

Dr. Sarah Pachtman

Dr. Burton Rochelson

Dr. Sara Whetstone

Rosa Cui, MD, Attending Physician

Nicholas Baranco, MD

Renee Mestad, MD

Dr. John Pellerito

Dr. Nidhi Vohra

Alexander Melamed, MD

Olivia Moskowitz, MD, MIGS Fellow

Nicholas Baranco, MD

Annalisa Post, MD

Dr. Natalie Meirowitz

Dr. Lakha Prasannan

Alexander Melamed, MD

Lakha Prasannan, MD, Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellow

Nicholas Baranco, MD

Lee-may Chen, MD