Join the 2021 EFA Fellowship Fair

The 2021 EFA Fellowship Fair provides a free platform through which fellowship program leaders can speak directly to interested potential applicants, describing their program's unique features in their own words.  Potential applicants will be able to "room hop", joining the virtual information sessions that they are most interested in, and staying for as long as they like.  Fellowship programs may use audiovisual aides to present key aspects of their programs, and can respond directly to questions posed in the chat.  Potential applicants must keep their video feeds and microphones off at all times.

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Founder & Director

Nagaraj Gabbur, MD

Department of Ob/Gyn

Zucker School of Medicine 

Northwell Health

North Shore University Hospital

Long Island Jewish Medical Center

Associate Director & Chief Technology Officer

Kyan Lynch, MD, MA

OBGYN Department Education Specialist

University of Rochester Medical Center

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