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Loralei Thornburg MD (pronouns she/her) is the James R. Woods, Jr. Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology at the University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, NY. Dr. Thornburg earned her bachelor’s degree at Kalamazoo College, before completing medical school from Wayne State University in Detroit MI. She completed her residency and her fellowship at the University of Rochester. She has received multiple teaching and leadership awards, most recently The Herbert Mapstone Prize for Excellence in Second Year Teaching from the Class of 2020.

Dr. Thornburg currently directs the Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship & Division at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY. She oversees 12 faculty and 6 fellows performing full scope MFM clinical work and ultrasound at more than 14 sites through the Western New York Region. She has recently helped to create a sub-division of breastfeeding medicine within pediatrics, with 2 faculty and a full-time fellowship.

Her areas of active research include in the effects and care of women with complex disease in pregnancy, most notably neurological disease in pregnancy, with the only multidisciplinary book on this topic. She is an active member of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Perinatal Quality Foundation. She is part of the annual Banner/SMFM critical care course, lecturing in neurological care in pregnancy and post-partum hemorrhage, well as actively simulating with the teams on obstetrical emergencies. She co-leads the SMFM "zebras" course for the last 2 years.

A native of western Michigan, she can both play and spell Euchre, Canasta and Cribbage, and has 2 kids (J&N), a gecko (Speckles), a rabbit (Pistachio), a husband (Rob), a sourdough starter (Ned Ryerson), and new pandemic dog (Milo).

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